SuSE Linux

7:03 pm hacking

I’m in the middle of switching over to SuSE 9.1 now; installed 32-bit and 64-bit partitions, but so far haven’t finished setting up the 64-bit one. In some ways I like it a lot, and in some ways I don’t like it. I don’t like YaST that much, and I definitely don’t like their online update program. I hope they switch to Red Carpet in the future, because it’s much easier to use, much nicer looking, and it just works. I had a lot of trouble getting my NVIDIA hardware setup under SuSE also. In the 32-bit partition, they installed or updated to the i586 version of glibc, which doesn’t have TLS and thus screws up the NVIDIA driver. So I had to manually install the i686 glibc with rpm. Furthermore, their RPM names are a little messed up. In the ftp server, the i686 glibc rpms had a different revision for the devel package vs the main binary package.

I’m definitely enjoying playing with Mono, though. That was really the big motivator behind installing a 32-bit partition. I had zero interest in adding a 32-bit Gentoo partition, so it was either Fedora or SuSE and I decided to try something new. So I’ve been playing with MonoDevelop, and made a few test programs just learning how everything works. Very nice.

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