Fedora Core 2

11:53 pm hacking

I finally decided that SuSE is not for me. So I downloaded and installed Fedora Core 2. Since I used Red Hat Linux starting back around 5.0 or 5.1 all the way through Red Hat 9, Fedora seems very familiar to me. And I used Fedora Core 1 for awhile, and mostly liked it.

The most obvious problem is that it seems that Fedora and NVIDIA don’t get along very well so far. Fedora Core 1 decided to ship Linux kernel 2.6.0, and NVIDIA’s binary drivers hadn’t been updated for kernel 2.6 yet. That was not too hard to work around using the minion.de patches. Now with Fedora Core 2 they have enabled the new 4k stack size in the kernel, and apparently the current NVIDIA driver release only supports 8k stacks. This time the solution is to recompile the kernel with 8k stacks, which is more involved than the last solution, or to use the “nv” driver, which sucks and is not useful for what I do, or to wait for the next release from NVIDIA, which isn’t really an option either. So I built a new kernel with 8k stacks. So far I have still not been able to get the NVIDIA driver to work on this install though.

The next problem is beginning to worry me, because it happened in both SuSE 9.1 and in Fedora Core 2. The system seems really slow and laggy. Typing text results in a laggy cursor, the mouse pointer is moving very choppily, things like that. It happens when I’m doing anything in another window, like compiling my software or making some Oggs or even just downloading some files. Things that shouldn’t be slowing my system down at all. This is an issue that did not happen on my Gentoo installation. The major things that have changed are the fact that I’m now using a 32-bit install instead of a 64-bit install, the fact that I’ve added a second SATA hard drive (the exact same model), and the fact that SuSE and Fedora have their own kernel configs. I’m going to copy my kernel config from Gentoo and try it out later in Fedora and see if that helps any. I already added the low-latency “preempt” option during the 8k stack build, but I see no difference yet.

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