Ludwig van

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I’ve been hanging out at my mom’s house in Texas during winter break, and I took some time to do some hacking on Ludwig van. I ditched the C source code entirely and have been rewriting it using C#. The beginnings of the music notation layout engine are working horizontally, but it’s not doing any line-wrapping yet. There are still a lot of issues in the layout engine, but it’s coming along. I have a lot of work to do on the glyphs, and that’s going to consume an enormous amount of time. The glyph rendering itself is working flawlessly, and without a doubt the quality of the on-screen glyph rendering is much, much better than either Finale or Sibelius
already (thanks to Cairo, of course).

I’m probably going to stop programming on it again for awhile, because I have a lot of stuff that needs some intense practice. I have to finish learning the rest of Bartok concerto next semester, and that’s a bitch. But when I get Ludwig van further along, I’ll start making more posts about it and show off some nice screenshots.

Happy Holidays

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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, and all that stuff. I’m really
getting into using the “Happy Holidays” phrase now, just because it
seems to irk so many people. Megan apparently said it to one of her
students, and the student got all annoyed and corrected her, “Uhhh…
no. It’s ‘Merry Christmas’!!” People are too touchy over this, and
it’s so fun to push their buttons.

Gabriel and Fumika

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I got an email a few days ago from Gabriel and Fumika. They’re still
living in Spain and seem to love it there. They like the city and the
orchestra a lot. They sent me a photo of their little baby, Claudio.
He’s very cute.


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We had a concert last Friday that went pretty well, I thought. Ralph
came and saw the first half of the concert, and during the intermission
he said he was going home because he was too tired. But then after the
concert I go into the hall and there he is. I guess it was so good that
he couldn’t help but stay for the second half after all!

We have a Christmas concert on Sunday. Whee. M-jiggedy is coming out
here on Saturday, going o the concert, and then on Monday we’re going to
drive to Texas. Driving these long distances totally sucks, but should
be more fun with someone else.

Beethoven quartets

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I’m sort of frustrated by other chamber musicians. I am constantly
trying to assemble a quartet to work on Beethoven, and for some sick
reason nobody ever seems interested. Seriously, this drives me near the
edge of madness and I just may have to kill someone soon if they won’t
agree to do a Beethoven string quartet.

Don’t fuck with someone who names his viola VLA THE IMPALER.