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We had a concert last Friday that went pretty well, I thought. Ralph
came and saw the first half of the concert, and during the intermission
he said he was going home because he was too tired. But then after the
concert I go into the hall and there he is. I guess it was so good that
he couldn’t help but stay for the second half after all!

We have a Christmas concert on Sunday. Whee. M-jiggedy is coming out
here on Saturday, going o the concert, and then on Monday we’re going to
drive to Texas. Driving these long distances totally sucks, but should
be more fun with someone else.

Beethoven quartets

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I’m sort of frustrated by other chamber musicians. I am constantly
trying to assemble a quartet to work on Beethoven, and for some sick
reason nobody ever seems interested. Seriously, this drives me near the
edge of madness and I just may have to kill someone soon if they won’t
agree to do a Beethoven string quartet.

Don’t fuck with someone who names his viola VLA THE IMPALER.