Ludwig van

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I’ve been hanging out at my mom’s house in Texas during winter break, and I took some time to do some hacking on Ludwig van. I ditched the C source code entirely and have been rewriting it using C#. The beginnings of the music notation layout engine are working horizontally, but it’s not doing any line-wrapping yet. There are still a lot of issues in the layout engine, but it’s coming along. I have a lot of work to do on the glyphs, and that’s going to consume an enormous amount of time. The glyph rendering itself is working flawlessly, and without a doubt the quality of the on-screen glyph rendering is much, much better than either Finale or Sibelius
already (thanks to Cairo, of course).

I’m probably going to stop programming on it again for awhile, because I have a lot of stuff that needs some intense practice. I have to finish learning the rest of Bartok concerto next semester, and that’s a bitch. But when I get Ludwig van further along, I’ll start making more posts about it and show off some nice screenshots.