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I’m trying to help Øyvind Kolås out a little bit with Horizon, the little drawing app he’s writing for the Nokia 770. I’m beginning by converting the code over to be based upon GObject right now.

The canvas tiling architecture might lay a foundation for future work in gegl, which is the main reason I’m interested in this. I have some a big interest in doing some work on gegl, but it needs a lot of foundation work done on it before I can really begin working on the stuff I want to do. First it needs a new imaging framework, which will involve integrating babl into it for pixel format/image space conversion, and integrating whatever new image tiling stuff is made into it.

Xgl goodness

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So, I’ve installed Xgl and compiz here and the results are really beautiful, although not entirely stable yet. But this is software still in development, so I wasn’t expecting it to be perfect yet. It seems to also be missing support for Xinerama X extension, because now my gdm login screen and my panel stretch across both monitors.

I’ll try to make some videos of the desktop running compiz sometime. It’s really nice looking.

New hardware

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I got an ASRock 939Dual-SATA2 motherboard and an Athlon 64 X2 3800 cpu the other day. I’ve got no real issues with it running Linux. Apparently the built-in network device doesn’t work except on fairly recent kernels like 2.6.15, but I’m using Ubuntu Dapper so this isn’t an

The weird thing is that Windows is totally b0rked on this thing. At least, my existing installation is. It seems like you have to just reinstall a fresh Windows, and that is a serious pain in my ass. I’ll see if I can figure out a better solution to this.