Most distrusted minority

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It looks like I’m a minority after all! Not only that, I’m in the most distrusted minority of all, according to this
study at UMN
. It seems that the notion of religious tolerance extends only to those who have a religion. Interestingly enough, it also concludes that atheists are more mistrusted than Muslims and gays.

Bach Solo Violin Sonatas and Partitas

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I got the recording by Sigiswald Kuijken and have been listening to it. It sounds really weird at first because I think it’s supposed to be more of an “authentic” performance. The strings are probably gut or something, and it has a very dead sort of sound. Dead as in, the quality of tone coming from the strings; it doesn’t have the strength of modern silver or steel strings or whatever. But it sounds very beautiful, and I’m enjoying this recording a lot.


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Cameron got me interested in Noam Chomsky’s political writings, and a couple weeks ago I had a really cool and interesting conversation with Miguel about Chomsky and some political stuff. Miguel said he sees Chomsky at some food court around there sometimes, but didn’t want to annoy him with fanboying. Cameron expressed doubts that Chomsky gets a lot of fanboying, and I probably agree with that.

Miguel recommended I get a copy of Understanding Power as my first book, so I ordered a copy of that. Maybe I’ll write a little bit about it in the future after I’ve read it. The funny thing is, the thing I hear from people who either don’t like or disagree with Noam Chomsky, such as Alan Dershowitz, is
that Chomsky doesn’t have support for the crazy things he claims are going on in the political world. But then you find out that this book has like 401 pages to the book and 449 pages of footnotes (which are available on the website rather than in the printed book, thankfully!). So I have to wonder, is that the best argument that they can come up with against Chomsky? No support for his facts? Come on, you people can do better than that!

Actually, I shouldn’t really expect better from Dershowitz though. I saw the Harvard IOP
debate between him and Chomsky, and the debate between him and Norman Finkelstein on Democracy Now. Derschowitz is just like Ann Coulter from what I’ve seen: their primary tactic in debate is “don’t like the other person talk”. I used to see Ann Coulter come on Real Time with Bill Maher and she just wouldn’t shut the hell up for a second if someone was saying something she didn’t want to hear. Dershowitz did the same thing.. if Chomsky or Finkelstein said something that he didn’t like, he would just talk over them or try to divert the discussion or make insulting
remarks about the other person’s character.

I’m now officially a film producer!

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That’s right, I’m a producer on the 1 Second Film. It seems to be a cool idea for a charity, and I’ll have my name listed in Imdb!


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So, I added a link to Yi-Ping’s MSN photos page because she was upset that I didn’t list her as someone who doesn’t suck. So, there you go girl.. you’re now officially in the list of people who don’t suck. Congratulations!

Global warming

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The White House seems to be constantly saying that there is no issue with global warming and stuff, but why is it that they seem to be censoring reports on global warming?