GPU hacking

5:14 pm hacking

Also, as I mentioned before, I was doing some GObjectification stuff for Øyvind Kolås on Horizon, and I think I mentioned my GPGPU framework that I started. I didn’t put too much time into that before because I was preparing for auditions mostly, but since the Dallas Symphony audition is over (and I didn’t win!) I have more hacking time. I am planning to take the Kansas City Symphony audition, but I don’t feel stressed about that in the way I did for the last three auditions. I think the Dallas audition really helped me chill out with audition preparation.

So I am inspired to get back to work on the GPU framework. I’m making a lot of changes in the design, although none of them are really all that major in how the framework will be used. Mostly this is abstraction stuff so that different backends could be plugged in (e.g., I’m working on a default OpenGL backend.. but you might make an OpenGL|ES backend, or even a DirectX backend if you were so inclined).

Since Øyvind is getting so far with the new canvas model for GEGL and is getting ready to work on integrating with BABL, I feel like I need to step up my work on this now and get at least some basic unit tests running. Hopefully I’ll have something ready to upload into the Subversion repo soon (Gnome is about to migrate from CVS to svn, and should be finished with that migration by the time this is ready to upload).

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