The Corporation

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For every ten movies you rent from Premier Video in Dallas you get a free rental, and Valerie had more than 20 coupons here so Jason came over last night and we claimed a free rental and checked out The Corporation.

This is a really fascinating documentary on corporations that looks at them from various points of view. It seems to focus predominantly on the negative effects of corporations, which in my opinion is exactly what needs to be focused on, but it also shows how things can change and it demonstrates that while the corporate structure is unfeeling and can manifest itself as a powerful evil force, it is still composed primarily of normal humans.

The most interesting things to me were some historical things that I wasn’t aware of before, such as the attempted coup against FDR by a number of rich businessmen including someone from the Du Pont family/corporation, IBM’s development of computer solutions to aid the German Nazis in running their concentration camps, and the reporters from Fox News who were fired for trying to report the truth in a case of growth hormone/drugs for cows causing severe health problems in the cows and the people who drank the cows’ milk. (spoiler alert: the
reporters sued Fox and initially won, but the verdict was appealed and Fox won the appeal case because in the state of Florida it is/was not illegal for news corporations to report false news).

I highly recommend this movie to anyone and everyone!

Cheaper strings

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So I posted on the viola list yesterday, thinking I had found the cheapest strings in the country, when someone responded and told me that Concord Strings is cheaper. So don’t I feel stupid now. :)

Cheap strings

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Today I found out about Prodigy Instruments, a musical instrument shop located in Maryland somewhere. They appear to have about the cheapest strings anywhere in the country, so I ordered a set of strings and decided to post a quick blog entry here about them in the hopes of promoting their awesomely cheap strings. I just bought a full set of Evah Pirazzi stark viola strings for $58.99 (presumably also plus tax, but I forgot to check) and free shipping. Not bad, considering that Shar sells the same set for $66.90 and Southwest Strings sells it for $67.23.

Kasia’s bow

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So, Special K has ordered her bow from Thomachot now and she wanted to have it made very much like mine. So she asked him if he can make it the same weight as mine, but I guess he doesn’t have all the measurements of my bow on record so she asked if I could send her the
weight of the bow. I pulled out a little measuring scale from the kitchen and it said the bow is 70g. But that scale isn’t very accurate, and the little markers on it go to the nearest 5g. I just measured it with that out of curiosity. But today I went back to Arlington and took the bow to Mike Sherriff, a bow maker there, because he has a scale that measures to 0.1g accuracy.. and it turned out that the bow was 70.0g. Go figure. :)