Bipolar Viola

3:17 am music

Michael Fernandez pointed out that features the prelude to Bach’s first cello suite being played on viola on their stupid little Flash intro. Michael didn’t find it very amusing and seemed to not like using the viola this way, but for some reason I can’t identify.. I just think it’s hilarious. It has that serious tone that you expect from a commercial about some kind of health problem, but something about it having a viola playing this piece kind of negates the effect to me. It’s kind of like when Paganini has these really tragic sounding parts of his music, like the second variation in the Grand Sonata where it goes into c minor. It gets this very serious, tragic type of feeling to it.. but you can’t help but realize that you’re still listening to Paganini, so it ends up being funny. Then you get to about the last bar and a half before the third variation and it really milks it with the fermata, then you hit the third variation in the most absolutely ridiculous way imaginable. Of course, this commercial doesn’t have a punchline like that.. but I still feel the same type of humor throughout this commercial that I feel during the second variation of that Paganini sonata.

And of course I know everyone reading this knows every bar of the Paganini Grand Sonata by memory, right? Right? Of course.

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