Bonobo patch

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I finally committed my patch for BonoboUIToolbarIcon to do full, 8-bit alpha compositing of icons over their toolbar buttons. Right now it only considers if you’re using a theme that uses a bg_pixmap set. It doesn’t work on other themes yet, so you’ll still see simple 1-bit alpha masks on those themes. The code for these other cases is committed to CVS, but commented out, so if you can solve the problem and get it to work then I’ll buy you a beer!

Button alpha channel

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In other news, some Gnome people know I’ve been hacking on Bonobo’s toolbar to do theme-independent full-byte alpha compositing of button icons. I’m still not quite finished, but you can see some of the progress I’ve made on it by clicking on this. I just need to do some changes to support the way pre-lighting works, and I’ll be done.

I’d like to mention, also, that filling out applications for schools sucks!! I was working on my CIM application last night using the online application. Today someone sent me a link to sometime, and when I clicked the link it opened it using the browser that contained my CIM application. And, so, that application is now lost. Time to start over. :/

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