Eroica Trio and the Greenberg Concerto

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So last week I was playing with East Texas Symphony again, and we played Brahms Symphony No.1, some Copland overture that I didn’t care for too much, and a concerto for piano trio and orchestra by a young composer named Jay Greenberg. The concerto was nice, and Eroica Trio played with us for it. They played really well, of course, although this piece isn’t really the best metric for judging how good a piano trio is.

So during the first rehearsal with them, I was looking at the violinist and thinking, “Who is this girl? She looks so familiar but I’m not sure where from.” I’m not overly familiar with Eroica Trio, and I don’t yet own any recordings of them, so I knew I didn’t recognize her just from that. I obviously had met her somewhere. Well, later I found out that it was Susie Park who I had known when I was at Encore, a summer music festival one summer. I didn’t recognize her at first because she cut her hair short now, and I’m used to it being very long. So I figured she wouldn’t remember me, because she’s all famous and shit now. So after the second rehearsal I go up to her and I say, “Hey Susie.. you probably don’t remember me but…” and she just yells, “CODY!”

She also knew two others in the orchestra, Andrew and Ordabek. So after the concert we went to the reception and drank a lot of wine and hung out. Then after that we went to some local bar in Tyler to drink some more. Apparently some of the people in the bar had gone to the concert, because we walk in and they see Susie and treated us like fucking rockstars. It was pretty cool. :)

I wish I had my camera with me, but I didn’t expect to know one of the soloists.

GTK Printing on Win32

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Now that things have settled down a little at work, we’re finally in the process of moving to gtk# 2.10 now. One of the cooler things that we can finally use now is the Gtk printing system. Previously we were using Gnome.Print on Linux and System.Windows.Forms.PrintDialog on Windows, which sucked for various reasons that you can probably guess. Obviously what we really needed was something we could use easily from both Linux and Windows.

Gtk.Print to the rescue! Except that it didn’t work on Windows yet. But in Berlin Behdad pointed me to #488833, to add support for cairo_win32_printing_surface to GTK. So once I got home I finished up the patch and it’s now committed to gtk+ svn trunk. Since it requires a new (and unstable) version of Cairo I can’t commit this support to gtk-2-12 branch, so I think I’m going to have to maintain a branch for Medsphere’s use.

This doesn’t solve print preview, though, so that’s the next thing I want to work on.

Hello from Berlin!

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So I’m in Berlin at the GTK Hackfest, and it’s a lot of fun. I finally get to meet a lot more of the GTK hackers, and hear everyone’s thoughts and ideas for the future of GTK. Plus, we’re having a lot of fun hacking. It just wouldn’t be a hackfest otherwise.

Brandenburg Gate in Berlin

I’ve been doing some hacking on a few different things. Worked on rewriting the test program for the sensitivity bug, using Tim’s GTester framework this time. Worked on the GtkIconEntry (merging from libsexy’s SexyIconEntry). Tonight I decided to see if I could get some WebKit action going from gtk#, and it was really simple.

WebKit test from gtk#

This should be a lot of fun to play with, and I think Cesar will be interested in it as well. :)

Jenny is in Italy now, but should be arriving on Friday or Saturday I think. So that will be really cool, and I’m going to go hang out with her for a bit. I’m really looking forward to seeing her again.

Nikon D200

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I had been thinking about getting a new camera for awhile, because I bought my Coolpix 995 back in like 2000 or something and it’s getting a little tired. But I thought I might step up to an SLR this time, and I figured now would be a good time to get one so I would have it when I go to Berlin next month.

I’m always very impressed with C├ęsar’s photos, so I bought a Nikon D200 like he has. It just arrived yesterday, and I started toying around with it some. I’m not posting any photos today though, because I haven’t taken any good ones yet. :) Hopefully I’ll get plenty of good photos in Berlin at the GTK Hackfest though.

Win32 Updates for GTK

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Today I committed a patch to rework modal windows on Win32. This fixes #455627 and #511111. Ever vigilant, Brad quickly caught one very important thing that I missed, so I filed and fixed #514643.

I also finally took the time to get the gtk-2-10 branch caught up with all the latest Win32 patches, since Medsphere is using 2.10 still. I merged in patches for #505928, #506769, #504984, #144269 (again), #164537, #371036, and #405178.

There seems to be a lot of interest right now in improving GTK on Windows. There’s now a new wiki page devoted to it, and #win32 on IRC. Very exciting!

Medsphere Widgets Released

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Nobody else at work has blogged on planet about this yet, so I figure I’ll go ahead and post it. Medsphere has just made the first release of Medsphere Widgets under LGPL 2.0. This includes CPaned, FBox (a “flow” container), GridView (managed Excel-like grid widget), and Graph (managed 2d graph widget using Cairo).

Graph Demo

Berlin GTK+ Hackfest 2008!

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Planning for the Berlin GTK+ Hackfest is underway! Behdad has been organizing stuff by email, and Mathias is working on finding a venue for it to happen at.

Things that are on the agenda:

  • Release planning
  • GIO hacking in GTK+
  • Canvas discussion
  • Generic HTML widget
  • GObject introspection stuff
  • D-Bus and GSettings
  • Session management

Should be really interesting and a lot of fun. And I’m excited because I’ve never been there, and I get to see a friend of mine that I went to school with! :)

Emmanuele created a Wiki page and I’ve added some information there, such as who is planning to attend. If you are on that list and are not planning to attend, make sure to let Behdad know and remove yourself from the wiki page. Otherwise, everyone on there please add your travel information to the table as it becomes available, or if you don’t have a wiki account and don’t want one then email me and I’ll add your info.

Sponsors for the Berlin hackfest 2008 are:

Spending $2/day for food

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George Durham, the cellist from my quartet in school, is apparently in the middle of a bet with his roommate Mike to see who can last the longest by eating on $2/day. If they both last until December 16 then it’s a draw. The last post was on December 1 and it was marked “day 7″. I’m not sure if it’s still going on right now. Interesting stuff!

I think George is also a professional poker player these days, so it seems that he likes to bet. Good luck, George! I hope you don’t die of starvation in order to win your bet!

Dallas Peace Center Event Tomorrow

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Mark and Ute told me this weekend that the Dallas Peace Center is sponsoring a video presentation and a panel discussion about the imminent threat of U.S. military aggression against Iran. If any hackers out there live in the Dallas area and are concerned with this, please join. It will take place tomorrow at the Walnut Hill Library at 9495 Marsh Lane in Dallas between 7:00p and 8:30p.

GTK Win32 update

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Last night I committed the patch for #164537 that I believe will finally solve the remaining transient and modal window problems that have been affecting GTK on Windows for years. I think this was the last really critical blocker for GTK being usable on Windows, at least that I’m aware of.

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