Due to the “Canvas evaluation moderator” GtkTask, I’ve been informing myself quite a lot about the different available canvases and their possibilities, and one concrete feature available in some canvases grabbed my attention: timelines.

Timelines could be beneficial not only for canvas, but probably toolkit-wide to some extent, as people wants bling here and there, and animations are a part of it. So I began experimenting with a timeline object (which I’ve just submitted to bugzilla, see #444659) and the results don’t look bad so far:

Useless animation (Code)

Useless animation, applied (#328090)

17 Responses to “Animate/Inanimate”

  1. nacho says:

    Wow, very nice. I want this in gtk!!!

  2. Antoine says:

    Wow, it rocks :)

  3. tm says:

    Sweet! Just like with fade-ins and fade-outs, this will definitely enhance usability!

  4. foser says:

    I wouldn’t call this useless. It’s visual feedback on what is actually going on, something which is sorely missed in GTK+. This is a much needed usability feature

  5. Jon Cooper says:


    Every little bit of polish helps, especially down at the toolkit level. This sort of feedback is a great idea.

  6. David Gómez says:

    Hey, nice stuff!! I’d like to see that soon in GTK+ ;).

  7. We definitely need more of these animations in core GTK+.
    Great work!

  8. nacho says:

    I agree with foser, gtk+ needs more visual feedback. Sometimes this is due to “bad” designed theme-engines.

  9. Max says:

    Nice, especially the second animation looks good!

  10. anonim says:

    very nice

  11. Travis Reitter says:

    Excellent work – we really need this kind of smoothness in GTK+ :)

  12. George says:

    Nice, but isn’t the animation in the gtk file chooser too fast? It could be confusing for users to figure out what is actually going on.

  13. David Prieto says:

    You sure got me drooling. We need this kind of stuff all over the place, for example: task list in the gnome-menu.

  14. Cloud says:

    Great idea!
    Anyway, you’ve got good taste! I listen to the same music…

  15. MacSlow says:

    This in indeed nice to see, Carlos! A much welcomed addition to gtk+… and in line with some of the other sweet things recently moving into gtk+ like the compositing of widgets.

  16. aseigo says:

    yes, timelines are amazingly useful. we have them in qt4 and make creating animations and other nice transitions so easy. it will be interesting to see how these new capabilities get used in free software apps in a few years; the demos that come with qt4 as well as some of the kde4 apps already using them are really impressive already. give everyone a few years and who knows where we’ll be =)

  17. Indeed, no way it’s useless in the second demo. It gives a much better context of what’s hapenning when you click the buttons. Sweet stuff! More, more! ;)