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Trying out Chromium (Google Chrome)

Due to tiredness with Firefox eating all my memory, getting out-of-memory killed for eating all of my memory, getting kind of slow (probably because it ate all of my memory) and an annoying layout bug in one website (which strangely … Continue reading

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Telepathy GIT repositories move to

Although Telepathy has always been a freedesktop project, for the longest time the repositories were hosted on Collabora’s git server (I blame the original use of darcs). Sjoerd informed me today that this is no longer the case and the … Continue reading

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The biographies of the advisory group for the Ada Initiative was recently announced and I’m extremely proud to say that I’m a part of it. In other news, I merged support for contact blocking in Empathy 2.33.2, which will be … Continue reading

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LD_PRELOAD GObject lifetime debugging tool

For years and years I’ve dreamt of a tool that would show me what GObjects are currently alive, and let me have a look at information about them. Today, while trying to debug a particularly horrid reference leak (program wedged … Continue reading

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The Ada Initiative

A couple of weeks ago at I was invited to a meeting to help brainstorm on a new initiative being set up by open source contributors Valerie Aurora and Mary Gardiner. That initiative, the Ada Initiative, has just been … Continue reading

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