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The biographies of the advisory group for the Ada Initiative was recently announced and I’m extremely proud to say that I’m a part of it. In other news, I merged support for contact blocking in Empathy 2.33.2, which will be … Continue reading

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LD_PRELOAD GObject lifetime debugging tool

For years and years I’ve dreamt of a tool that would show me what GObjects are currently alive, and let me have a look at information about them. Today, while trying to debug a particularly horrid reference leak (program wedged … Continue reading

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Collabora @ GUADEC 2010

You might have seen the t-shirts around, there are quite a few (twenty!) Collaborans at GUADEC this year. Like a game of bingo, see if you can spot them all: Gustavo Noronha, Travis Reitter, Youness Alaoui, Felix Kaser, Guillaume Desmottes, … Continue reading

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