Beamer and animations

Has anyone got animations working with beamer and evince? I want to add some bling to my talk at GUADEMY and can’t seem to get ogv videos playing. Thanks!

3 responses to “Beamer and animations”

  1. Johan

    I don’t think evince supports embedded multimedia.

  2. Aidan Delaney

    Evince does not support embedded multimedia. Same as comment #1 except with no “I think” :) I’ve used clutter-project’s toy presentation tool called opt for multimedia presentations. Alternatively you could use OO.o with the OpenGL transitions for extra bling (

    Though as a fellow beamer addict, I can see why these other approaches are sub-par.

  3. Atreju

    You might also want to have a look at keyjnote. It supports pdfs (so beamer) just fine, has nice bling and some experimental support for movies. (You can’t include the movie in your latex file though, but have to tell keyjnote seperately to show a movie at a specific slide). For me it works fine.

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