HALectomy of gnome-power-manager complete

This morning I committed a rather largish (23 files changed, 28 insertions, 1551 deletions) patch:

commit f884a1ae954d14928a6a7055d4d4b182fbb2a3bc
Author: Richard Hughes <richard_at_hughsie.com>
Date:   Fri Jul 3 13:49:05 2009 +0100
    HAL is no longer a dependency of gnome-power-manager

This means that gnome power manager in git master no longer needs HAL to compile or run. This is a quite a significant moment, as now it relies just on the thriving DeviceKit* stack, rather than the old lumbering HAL.

Just a word of warning: You’ll need DeviceKit-power 009 (released in a few days time) if you want to use g-p-m in git master without loosing your ability to change your backlight, or to set the lid action preferences. It’ll still compile with 008, but 009 is very much recommended.

2 responses to “HALectomy of gnome-power-manager complete”

  1. GNOME Commit-Digest » Blog Archive » Issue 39

    […] Richard Hughes removed the HAL dependency of gnome-power-manager, making everything going through DeviceKit; he blogged it as HALectomy of gnome-power-manager complete. […]

  2. Frederik

    Is it enough to upgrade from devicekit-power 008 to 009 after installing gnome-power-manager 2.27.3, or does g-p-m also needs to be built against version 009 to set the backlight?

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