Monthly Archives: October 2000

15 October 2000

Wrote some code to convert arbitrary elliptic arcs to bezier curves for the gnome-print driver in dia. This should stop people sending bug reports in about that problem. The output looks very nice, so no one should notice that it isn’t real elliptic arcs. I was talking with Chema about adding support for arcs in […]

13 October 2000

I went to see The Dish at the cinema last night. It is a very good movie, and I recommend watching it. Apparently the release date is next week, so this was an advanced screening. They also had advanced screenings in Perth for Chopper back when it was released. People have started putting in their […]

3 October 2000

I handed in my dissertation today. The due date was Monday, but I got a one day extension, which was really helpful as it meant I could polish it a bit more. I feel much less stressed now that is out of the way. Maybe back to a bit more hacking now

1 October 2000

As I have been pretty much house bound for the past two weeks, working on my dissertation, I ordered a few cd’s from 78s (one of the best music stores in Perth) over the internet. Very good service, and the much faster than other places I tried. Got a copy of the new Turnstyle record […]