Thank you :-)

Yesterday I received some post. How is this blog worthy? Well after LRL, I was approached by people offering me test devices for adding Conduit support. Gareth Qually has donated a Handspring Treo 90 and John Connelly has loaned a Tungsten T3 and a Treo 650. All of the devices arrived yesterday and are now sat on my desk. How awesome are these guys! *Happy Dance*

A little closer to home (well, office), Rob Taylor got a new phone and donated his old M600i.

At the moment this means my pile of dedicated test devices looks like this:

  • Sony Ericsson P900
  • Sony Ericsson M600i
  • Dell Axim X5
  • Orange SPV C500
  • Palm Tungsten T3
  • Handspring Treo 90
  • Treo 650

I also have a Nokia 3310, but i’m not sure I can even connect it to my PC…

I also have ad-hoc access to Rob’s new phone, as well as my own SPV E650, Nokia N810 and iPod video. These are in regular use so won’t find themselves strapped to the Conduit test suite any time soon (but it does mean that some of this stuff will get tested by ‘users’ too :-))

Fun times ahead getting all this stuff to work :-)


6 Responses to “Thank you :-)”

  1. I’ve used a data cable with my old Nokia 3310 (it attaches to the contacts under the battery — not particularly accessible). Copying the address book worked okay with gnokii, so it is certainly possible.

  2. You are also in an excellent condition to do a small write-up on the devices once you get to know them better. It would be great to have an educated opinion on the most hacker-friendly devices, that are still cool to use in the daily life…

    God speed!

  3. Vadim P. says:

    Dude! I have an X5. Well, my sister now, since Ubuntu refuses to talk to it at all and so she just plays solitaire on it.

    I’ll keep up with the conduit releases then, hoping one day it’ll “just work”.

  4. lingenfr says:

    The conduit that is in the Hardy repository has been broken for quite some time. Is it going to be fixed?