Sysadmin Team Meeting, Bugzilla

Despite the constant threat of bike shedding, the sysadmin team will be hosting a small irc meeting (on #sysadmin) in the near future. Feel free to join in and tell us how much you love us <3. See here for more details, and here to help us choose between Friday and Sunday.

Minutes from the last meeting are here.

On a related note, one of the tasks to come out of the last meeting was to try and make bugzilla faster, or at least come up with a plan. That task kind of disappeared, because the bugzilla 3 porting work is now finished. Yes, as you may have seen, Bugzilla 3 is coming!!.

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One Response to “Sysadmin Team Meeting, Bugzilla”

  1. John,

    Is there any plan to have describeuser.cgi ported to the new Bugzilla?
    I know the absolutely necessary features were ported in order to upgrade Bugzilla, but I would like to know if it will be discarded in the future or not.

    Thanks (good work!).