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GUADEC Boat Party

Friday, July 11th, 2008

I cannot remember after a certain hour. If you can help fill in my memory, please say hi.

83% of statistics are made up on the spot

Monday, July 7th, 2008

Got up early for some healthy debate on the differences between Bazaar and Git at the DVCS Bof. Maybe the slot was changed when I wasn’t looking, but it turned into a “introduction to Git and Gitorious” presentation, with a packed audience. For a session meant to focus on DVCS in general, and how GNOME can move from SVN to $DVCS, it was a bit of a shame. BUT THEN…

There was a second smaller talk on DVCS that was slightly more productive. Neither side has managed to provide an action plan so far. When the Bazaar and the Git advocates can come to GNOME and say “we have a plan, this is how we are migrating and this is how we are going to fix all the systems that depend on GNOME”.. then we can talk. This whole issue needs some JFDI – we can’t cry/shout until our DVCS is picked, and then expect the sysadmins to take care of it.

On a lighter note, got some swag. Quite happy with the laptop bag, and the T-shirt is quite nice. Doesn’t match the codethink t-shirts though ;)

Now back to cleaning up the Git code so Rob doesn’t harm me.


Saturday, July 5th, 2008

Setting off for the airport soon. I arrive with codethink somewhere around 2AM local time on Sunday.

Looking forward to seeing John Stowers and maybe getting some Conduit hacking done. It would be cool to see some of the build brigade people and see if we can get running the newest buildbot code, with a single master (instead of one per project). Theres a chance i’ll have to talk about libgitcore, and the joys horrors of Git coding. Oh and the scary DVCS discussion. It will be interesting to see who wears both a “I use Bazaar lots” *and* a “I use Git lots” badge.

And I heard something about whisky…

If there are any veggies or vegans coming, be sure to poke me and say hi, we can go track down some carrots together :-) Jc2k on IRC, or comment here. Failing that, look out for codethink t-shirts – I won’t be far away.

Loggerhead + Search

Thursday, June 26th, 2008

TWIB blogged about a little something we have been working on with the Bazaar guys. The Bazaar mirror now has loggerhead and search, based on the bzr-search plugin. This lets it search over the whole history of trunk. When beuno finishes skinning it i’ll integrate it in to the main site. In the mean time, enjoy.

Oh, it also shows off something I badly explained the other day. See here. Revision 5 was committed by myself, but bzr-svn also saved the –author property, attributing that code to Jelmer correctly.

Last Day

Friday, June 20th, 2008

Today is my last day working with the folks at Isotoma. It’s been a fun year since internet veterans Andy Theyers and Doug Winter took me under their wings, giving me the chance to code in python all day. Even better, I got to use Ubuntu. I’ve seen so many cool things while i’ve been here, and a bewildering variety of taste in music (we’ve found some gems). Squeezebox, I will miss you.  Only a few hours left until I leave the loving embrace of the team. An event that shall be marked with modest beverages and an early night.

I’ll be watching you guys, when Forkd gets groups I think it would be perfect for the GNOME Cookbook people. And when its released, i’m looking forward to playing with Exotypes some more. Until then, keep on founding.

So to Monday, and from a daily commute to York to a daily commute to somewhere near Sheffield to work with Codethink. I’m really excited about working on the stuff Rob told me about. The next month is going to be really packed, and if a new job wasn’t enough I’ve got a LRL presentation to prepare for…