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Last Day

Friday, June 20th, 2008

Today is my last day working with the folks at Isotoma. It’s been a fun year since internet veterans Andy Theyers and Doug Winter took me under their wings, giving me the chance to code in python all day. Even better, I got to use Ubuntu. I’ve seen so many cool things while i’ve been here, and a bewildering variety of taste in music (we’ve found some gems). Squeezebox, I will miss you.  Only a few hours left until I leave the loving embrace of the team. An event that shall be marked with modest beverages and an early night.

I’ll be watching you guys, when Forkd gets groups I think it would be perfect for the GNOME Cookbook people. And when its released, i’m looking forward to playing with Exotypes some more. Until then, keep on founding.

So to Monday, and from a daily commute to York to a daily commute to somewhere near Sheffield to work with Codethink. I’m really excited about working on the stuff Rob told me about. The next month is going to be really packed, and if a new job wasn’t enough I’ve got a LRL presentation to prepare for…