Vala 0.3.3

It’s release time again. Yesterday we’ve released Vala 0.3.3. Tarballs are available from the GNOME FTP servers.

Thanks a lot to all the people helping out and have fun with the new version! For the following two releases we will focus on GObject introspection hacking to make it easy to write great bindings for many languages.

6 Responses to “Vala 0.3.3”

  1. n'qullo says:

    Great news! Thank you!
    I love vala.

  2. ac says:

    I hope someone write a really pythonic vala dialect because genie definitely is not pythonic.

  3. Jamie McCracken says:


    I doubt you could write something more pythonic than say the boo language and genie is not far off from boo.

  4. dave berk says:

    Is there a way to manually manage memory and/or embed asm inside?

  5. juergbi says:

    You can manually manage memory by using raw pointers in Vala. Inline assembler is not supported. However, you can declare a method as `extern’ in the Vala source code and implement it in a .c file where you can use inline assembler.