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Column resizing, part two

Friday, February 16th, 2007

People will remember my post on column resizing from about a month ago. I did some more work on this over the last few days, based on the nice suggestions left in the comments of that blog entry and some discussions with people. I ended up implementing something which basically only recalculates the expand values when the width of the tree view itself changes, or the number of expand columns. So if the user resizes a column, the expand values will not be changed and the weird/chaotic behavior is gone. You can find the results in the latest patch in the bug (#316087). A small side effect at this moment is that when the expand flag is turned off, the column will be “reset” to use its original requested size (see the last comment in the bug report for some more detail). I am not yet really sure if I like this. Opinions appreciated of course. At this stage I am pretty happy with the behavior, so good chance that this patch will find its way into GTK+ 2.11.x soonish.

Annotating the past

Wednesday, February 7th, 2007

When I am busy hacking on bugs (which is about the only thing I do these days when I have time for hacking …) a thing which I use very, very frequently is cvs/svn annotate in the viewcvs web interface. For files as big as gtktreeview.c (almost 15000 lines), it is impossible to remember every little detail of the code; why is it like this? which parts are affected when I change this? Before changing things I usually check the history of that code portion using annotate, to see what kind of changes were made before. With a few little clicks I can find reasonings, old bug reports with stack traces and test cases. I know you can use svn annotate from the command line, but having it in a web interface with cross reference is much more convenient. For me annotate in a terminal is useless. I was pretty disappointed to see that on, annotation is not possible in the web interface. Is there any way this can be made possible? I am pretty sure a lot of other people would also appreciate to have this feature back, since it is so useful for tracing back changes. (This has been filed as #395908 — together with the request for the old “theme” of the revision log page, which is much more clear IMHO). For now I continue using for this, but at some point the amount of changes between the last cvs version and svn will be so big that this won't be useful anymore …

New tooltips API in GTK+ trunk

Tuesday, February 6th, 2007

Well, it finally happened, the new tooltips API hit GTK+ trunk. Ever been annoyed by the fact that GTK+ does not support tooltips on insensitive widgets? Ever wondered about an easy way to implement tooltips for specific tree view rows? The new tooltips API solves these and other issues, to get started quickly see the example application aka test program: gtk+/tests/testtooltips.c. There will be some more improvements in trunk as the code matures; probably a bug fix here and there, and the positioning code isn't quite right yet…