Random Hacker Tool #753

For all those of you swimming in bug mail, I give you the super spiffy “Delete Resolved Bugs” plugin for Evolution. Woo.

I can’t say its saved my life or anything, but its made a difference …

6 Responses to “Random Hacker Tool #753”

  1. Benjamin Schindler says:

    This is just what I was looking for! But it seems it only runs on evolution-2.4. Is there a way to backport it to 2.2, or does it need features that are not there on 2.2?


  2. Benjamin Schindler says:

    Ok – never mind about this – it seems that the gentoo-folks have forgotten to include a few header-files (mail/*.h). It does not work yet here, but I’m working on it ;-)

  3. Mark McLoughlin says:

    I’ve no idea – its worth a try …

    One thing to note is that it’ll only work with bugzillas that have the X-Bugzilla-Status header in the mails they send out. That could be a bugzilla.gnome.org specific feature.

  4. Benjamin Schindler says:

    That’s exactly it. It is a gentoo-bugzilla issue – so I’ll bug them ;-)

  5. Vincent Untz says:

    Mark, this is great news. Now you’ll be able to fix more panel bugs ;-)

  6. EdgeWise says:

    If your bugzilla does not have X-Bugzilla-Status you could query bugzilla directly to get only the status in XML.

    1. to yield results in XML by adding &ctype=xml to the URL.
    2. to exclude particular fields (like comments) by adding &excludefield=long_desc to the URL

    You would just need to exclude displaying every field except the status.