7 responses to “Gossip 0.9 & Wedding”

  1. fraggle

    Which account do you want to add this contact “too”? ARRRGGGGHHHHHHH

  2. Matthew

    Thank you, thank you …..!

  3. Marc

    Great work on Gossip, I love the simplicity. However, I wish Gossip would use libgaim, like Adium (look at it, it is an AMAZING OS X client using libgaim). It would be amazing to have such a great ui with so much power, even if including libgaim meant adding extra stuff to the ui.

  4. Martyn Russell

    fraggle, thanks for pointing that one out :O

  5. Martyn Russell

    Marc, we would love to use libgaim, show me how to do it in C and we will ;)

    Last time I looked Adium was using libgaim in objective C, so AFAICS we would have to somehow use that to get support in Gossip (perhaps this is wrong though?).

  6. Marc

    There are lots of projects using it AFAIK. Look at the doc in the gaim site, you might have better luck checking #gaim, or the gaim-dev mailing list, since devs will be really helpful to you, or atleast point you in the righ direction.

  7. Martyn Russell

    I spoke to Christian and Sean about it a little. So I know where to go from here. We will probably wait until libgaim is released as a separate entity (which is likely to be around the time Gaim 2.0 is released).