Career Change




#1 Edwin Mons on 09.22.05 at 12:01 am

Good luck, Martyn! Let’s hope we’ll see a lot of good stuff coming from you, as we started to expect from Imendians long time ago… If your work on Gossip is to be taken as a measure, this will not be a problem.

#2 Jon Cooper on 09.22.05 at 4:49 am

Interesting – whereabouts in BT did you work? As I work there now… OneIT to be specific.

Congratulations on the new job and good luck! :)

#3 Martyn on 09.22.05 at 6:04 am

Jon, I worked in OneIT too, my commiserations :)

If you are familiar with ClickDial, I was part of the team that wrote it.

If you are familiar with BTOC then I was even more involved in that.

Location wise, I am at Adastral Park, B81 until the 19th of October when I leave.

#4 Martyn on 09.22.05 at 6:06 am

Edwin, thanks, Gossip is coming along nicely, things are starting to look really good now, unfortunately my new boss got me into World of Warcraft which means development is slow of late :)

#5 Jon Cooper on 09.22.05 at 8:19 am

Ah… might see you in Ipswich if a) you’re attending, and b) you can put yourself through it!

I was a C&SI person, so am coming to the world of BT blissfully unaware of what is to come – though if the mail system is anything to go by, I’ll be job hunting soon ;)

I now work partly in the new AD team, and partly in the new Desktop team. Fun times ahead wrestling with IUSER and Radia…