5 responses to “Career Change”

  1. Edwin Mons

    Good luck, Martyn! Let’s hope we’ll see a lot of good stuff coming from you, as we started to expect from Imendians long time ago… If your work on Gossip is to be taken as a measure, this will not be a problem.

  2. Jon Cooper

    Interesting – whereabouts in BT did you work? As I work there now… OneIT to be specific.

    Congratulations on the new job and good luck! :)

  3. Martyn

    Jon, I worked in OneIT too, my commiserations :)

    If you are familiar with ClickDial, I was part of the team that wrote it.

    If you are familiar with BTOC then I was even more involved in that.

    Location wise, I am at Adastral Park, B81 until the 19th of October when I leave.

  4. Martyn

    Edwin, thanks, Gossip is coming along nicely, things are starting to look really good now, unfortunately my new boss got me into World of Warcraft which means development is slow of late :)

  5. Jon Cooper

    Ah… might see you in Ipswich if a) you’re attending, and b) you can put yourself through it!

    I was a C&SI person, so am coming to the world of BT blissfully unaware of what is to come – though if the mail system is anything to go by, I’ll be job hunting soon ;)

    I now work partly in the new AD team, and partly in the new Desktop team. Fun times ahead wrestling with IUSER and Radia…