Easily offended

I’ve just caught up on the last 100 blogs I have been neglecting for the last week or so (due to being quite busy recently) and I think it is sad to see people so easily offended by blogs from people like Miguel and Davyd.

I think people miss the point. People blog about what they want to blog about. It is the writer’s choice to write what they want as much as it is the reader’s choice to read what they want.

Feel free to ignore my blog :)

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  1. iain

    sorry…what? I wasn’t listening

  2. Mathias Hasselmann

    I just was offened by Davyd’s reaction to my comment. Well, and currently I am quite pissed, that people seem to give Davyd the “freedom of speech” to write annoying stuff and to insult people, whereas the same people do not give me the “freedom of speech” to tell him his vegetarian stuff is annoying.

  3. supporter

    I think you are missing the point. People have not been complaining that they are offended by the blogs in question (in fact they went to great length to state that they don’t find the content offensive). What they are complaining about it the perceived use of Planet Gnome as a soapbox, which they feel lessens its value.

    Its all about what you expect from Planet Gnome : a life blog of a loosely associated group of people or a window into how Gnome developers are experiencing the Gnome community and development on a personal level.

    That’s also why it is unhelpfull to point out the current blocking measures to people adhering to the latter view because they only allow a full block on a persons feed. What they’d want is a way to configure Planet Gnome as to only show Gnome related stuff.

    Full disclosure : I also prefer Planet Gnome to be more Gnome oriented. That’s what makes it unique. If I want to read about the daily life of some random developers, frankly there are already 1000’s of sites providing such a service.

  4. Brian Nickel


    The thing is, when you post offensive material, you’re going to offend people. When someone posted a picture of a girl in a wet/transparent Ubuntu shirt, women were offended. When Miguel posts links to books and posts slandering Israel, people who live in/support Israel are offended.

    The problem is that I depend of Miguel’s blog for a source of information on a variety of Mono issues but a sizable portion of his posts deeply offend me and make me want to never read his blog and/or disassociate myself from the community.

    If the community reacts quickly to one thing and calls people “easily offended” for another, all I can deduce is that Gnome wants women programmers but not Israeli programmers. It’s a hostile environment and it alienates people.

    Brian Nickel

  5. Brian Nickel


    It really isn’t a matter of what people can and cannot say. It’s what people should and should not share on the Planets. Like it or not, the Planets are more than just an aggregation of blogs but a public face of the projects they are affiliated with. Miguel can be passionately anti-Israel on his blog all he wants but as soon as that post appears on a Planet, the project has an anti-Israel image.

    As I had mentioned in my previous comment, this kind of post is akin to putting naked pictures on Planet Gnome, as it turns an outlet which gets people interested and involved into an outlet which harasses and deters people from getting involved.

    You don’t want the 5th search result for Gnome alienating someone who just found out about the project. It’s bad form and bad for the community.

    – Brian

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