28 responses to “Finally, gtk.org gets face lift!”

  1. http://www.flickr.com/photos/jonner

    Congratulations. It looks good!

  2. ignacio


  3. Chris Lord

    Pretty sure that Openmoko ‘screenshot’ is a mock-up (and certainly doesn’t reflect the latest software)… Site looks great though :)

  4. Ernst Persson

    Is it just me or does it seem a bit corporate focused?
    I see the words “proprietary” and “commercial” very high up but nothing about any community.
    A bit “Get involved” or “How to contribute” is usually a nice thing to have on the startpage for a such a high profile opensource project.

  5. Ernst Persson

    A BIG “Get involved” or “How to contribute” I mean!

  6. Raf

    Cool, very nice! Just a detail: on the overview page, the link for Cairo is wrong. It should point to http://www.cairographics.org/

  7. KaiSVK

    Hi there,
    great work ! Thanx for that, I migrated from KDE to Gnome few months ago, and was thinking about making something in pyGTK. But the pages about GTK+ and PyGTK+ were outdated. Glad to see those projects are not dead :)

    Keep pushin’

  8. Angel Veglektsis

    Well Done!!

    It was about time for gtk.org to be updated….

  9. aurelius

    very nice, thank you!

  10. blubb__

    Nice look! It’s a bit smallish though, the features page looks a bit overloaded because of that.

  11. Étienne Bersac

    Congratulation !

    Two points :

    1. the favicon is still the old one
    2. please set explicitily body {color: black;} in the CSS so that it does not fallback to default theme color over white background. Using a dark theme this lead to white text on white background. Unreadable.

    Keep up the good work.


  12. Stephen

    Looks really good, but it is really messed up in IE6 (I was looking from work)

  13. Benoit

    Super ! Great job. This is really great !

  14. wingo

    Looks wonderful, Martyn! Although I do agree that “proprietary” in the first paragraph is a bit jarring.

  15. mallum

    Wow, congrats. Absolutely rocking. Great job.

  16. menko

    nice :)

  17. MacSlow

    Sweet, a nice fresh breeze! Thanks to the involved Imendio-folks and other contributors for pulling this effort off!

  18. Étienne Bersac

    mr, i’m using Epiphany 2.20 and a darklook theme modified to use black text over orange background for selection.

  19. Étienne Bersac

    mr, i’m using Epiphany 2.20 (Gecko 1.8) and a darklook theme modified to use black text over orange background for selection.

    The site now runs fine. Thanks.

  20. Aron Stansvik

    Nice! Just a small one though; in the “Features” page, s/wxWindows/wxWidgets/, and also s/wxwindows.org/wxwidgets.org/ (even though the old URL still works). The name of the toolkit is wxWidgets nowadays.

  21. mathrick

    It needs more screenshots with languages other than English. The excellent internationalisation support is a BIG feature, but the screenshots show none of that.

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