11 responses to “Desktop Summit, Lanedo & Imendio and Tracker”

  1. Christoph

    Hi Martyn,

    do you also work on mono related projects at Lanedo? Would love to work for a company working with mono.

    Greetings from Hannover



  2. Stu

    Any idea whats happened to Immendios work on OSX support for GTK?

  3. Alberto Ruiz

    Hey Martyn!

    It’s really good to see you actively blogging again. Nice heads up!

  4. aklapper

    Helpful. Thanks a lot!
    For the boring maintenance part I propose GNOME bug 581984.

  5. nemolivier

    What about working with zeitgeist ? Aren’t the goal having similar points ?

  6. lucasr

    Thanks the update! :-)

  7. Jannis

    I was planning to ask Christian about this, but now that you’re blogging about Lanedo … when Nokia announced to move Maemo to Qt, that immediately made me think about all the small companies founded around GTK+/GNOME. Now that Murray has given a statement on behalf of Openismus, can you shed some light on how this affects Lanedo? I clearly hope you’re all good!

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