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  1. Andreas

    Sounds like a great update for tracker! Looking forward to it.
    Thank you very much.

  2. tm

    Great stuff!

    The wording in the dialog is somewhat minimalistic and some of the options are not obvious.

    Some suggestions:

    * Delay [15] minutes could use a more verbose description.
    * “enable thumbnails” could be renamed to something like “generate thumbnails”. Enable is pretty much a passive verb.
    * Enable when running on battery -> “index also when running on battery”
    * Not sure what is the effect of the “for first time”
    * Include mounted – index also mounted directories, perhaps? Same for removable media
    * The disc space limit in percentage requires me to think how much disk space do i have and if i can really put a number on the thing. I mean – i don’t really care
    * What is the effect of “throttle”? I sure want indexing to be faster, but will it cost me anything? Maybe the oposing sides could be set “faster indexing” and “lesser use of cpu” or what are the consequences of faster throttle? Throttle could be also renamed to something more meaningfull.

    Keep rocking!

  3. Robin

    Can you tell something about the experience of using Vala? Was it good, were you more productive with it?

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  5. Adam Petaccia

    Why is there an option to delay startup time? If the default value is a problem, perhaps it should be increased or is there some more intelligent heuristic available? It seems like an awkward question, considering how it (IIRC) it does other things (niceness, IONice?) to not get noticed by the user.

  6. frej soya

    I know someone mentioned on the discussion that you don’t want to do a simple search bar. But really, that’s what helps an actual user. Also, it might actually

    Ofcourse i’m just complaining and not doing any work ;)

    Too much in pref dialog. Example: How can I figure out what i shouldn’t index if i need a search tool to find it? You need a very good overview(=expert) of your system to do that + I have to remember it for future use). I guess it might be needed as last resort for users, but it does remove the motive/need to fix the underlying problem.

    Complete an actual usercase, ie. just search and make it work. No web 2.0 integration. no separate search gui window that provides all kinds of stuff. A simple search bar is harder because it’s simple. Relevance becomes very important.

    Just a simple search bar that’s lightning fast.
    PS: Make it possible(easy) for distro’s to ship a preindexed install) This way first time use doesn’t suck ;).
    PPS: An important case is to minimize time between recently saved files and when it’s possible to search for it. (Ie, downloads).

  7. aklapper

    Gabor was kind enough to ask translators on gnome-i18n@ to update the files in/po, but for future reference It would be better if the tracker team could do this themselves. Following the GNOME release schedule is another thing I’d like to see but Vincent mentioned that already on d-d-l.

  8. Martyn Russell

    aklapper: Which files are you referring to? the POTFILES.{in|skip} or the .po files? If you mean the .po files, what command should we be using there. I was under the impression only translators should be doing that sort of thing.

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