9 responses to “Tracker 0.7 Released!”

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    […] Martyn is right, we did release Tracker 0.7! […]

  2. Sandy

    Congrats on the new release, but I must ask, why not just use GNOME’s deskbar applet?

  3. Alex Launi

    When do a search and the search doesn’t match the title of the file, you should show some context around why the result matched the query.

  4. Frej

    Fantastic! native tracker-search-bar :)… i’ll se if I can fix a patch for gnome-shell to use it, the current search bar is quite bad :) (busy with uni for the next few weeks).

  5. Maciej Piechotka

    Wouldn’t it better to focus on bar corner? It’s hard to see anything.

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