Hiring Christian Kellner

More recently we have been looking into hiring more developers/managers and we managed to entice Christian Kellner into the company. We are thrilled to have him work for us. Welcome Christian!

We have received many requests for work and we are still processing those. If we haven’t got back to you yet, we will. Thank you everyone who applied! :)


#1 Andreas Nilsson on 10.08.09 at 3:35 pm

Great to see you’re growing!
Congrats to Christian on the new job!

#2 Ian McKellar on 10.08.09 at 4:57 pm

Congrats! Christian is (as you clearly recognize) awesome!


#3 Alberto Ruiz on 10.08.09 at 5:13 pm

Really nice addition to the team! Glad to see the ecosystem growing! :)