6 responses to “Tracker 0.7.20 Released”

  1. pvanhoof

    Our baby is becoming an adult …

  2. David Nielsen

    All this Tracker 0.7 news really makes me want to test this baby. Is there a plan to setup a PPA or otherwise encourage testing and getting the technology into the hands of developers easily.. life sadly is to short for me to use GCC as a screensaver for all the new neat tech.

  3. Michael

    Wow… a .20 release. You guys seem to have been busy in the last 6 month :-)

    However, I also wonder about packages. This stuff has not yet hit even Rawhide so your user base (on the desktop, at least) still seems to be very very small… I really hope changing the version number to 0.8 will help to push this stuff into distributions

  4. Debarshi Ray
  5. Dan

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