7 responses to “Tracker Needle”

  1. Alex

    I can’t see a Flattr button… :-)

  2. Lorenzo

    Good Job! Plans to include the possibility to see the context of the search results? (For example: dog as a search term: 5 mails where you can see the term “dog” in the mail bodies and 3 docs as well wih the same behaviour – it’s what you can get actually with google desktop search for linux to be much clearer)

  3. Tshepang Lekhonkhobe

    Martyn rocks hard. And I also wanna that flattr button.

  4. Kevin

    Looks good. If we end up with an interface similar to the one shown at the following URL that would be awesome: http://njpatel.blogspot.com/2007/04/look-lively-boy.html

  5. Lorenzo

    @mr that’s ok. My concern with tracker has always been the lack of that feature…if the user cannot see a “preview” is forced to open all the relevant files with a relevant waste of time.

  6. Super Green Hosting Review

    Not a bad read, I have retweeted it on twitter for you :) No need to thank me!

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