5 responses to “Tracker Needle Update”

  1. Tshepang Lekhonkhobe

    Is it too early to give feedback? Should I go test it hard :-)

  2. Dominique Leuenberger


    Needle looks prety slick and works good. What I’m missing though is the feature to specify a search command line together with the invocation of needle, like:
    tracker-needle games
    (this is for example used by the gnome-main-menu, which offers a search bar integration with tracker… with t-s-t this was working.

    Any chance? :)

    Thanks a lot!

  3. En vrac’ rapide et libre :) | Le Weblog de Frederic Bezies

    […] versions 0.8.xx, la disparition de l’icone de la barre supérieure, une nouvelle interface, Tracker Needle (écrite en vala) et une compatibilité avec le futur Gnome […]

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