10 responses to “GtkSearchEngineTracker”

  1. Jamie McCracken

    I would make filename matches appear first in the list but include FTS search results afterwards just in case. I guess this can be done easily by making filename hits have a much higher rank.

    just my 2p FWIW

  2. Karl Relton

    I use FTS in the chooser all the time, and would not like to see it go!

  3. Giacomo

    I know this is usually frowned upon, but wouldn’t this be something that should be enabled/disabled on-the-fly through a checkbox (for example “Search also in the files’ contents”, defaulting to unchecked)?

  4. jared

    I would prefer content of the file as (personally) I do not always do the best names but my content is solid – and that is what I search on.

  5. mathw

    Maybe make it runtime configurable to do FTS or filename-only, and let the user invoke a full-text search if they need it?

  6. Bassam

    One thing that would be cool is to enable searching based on tags – tracker supports tagging files, and this can be done in nautilus currently, but I haven’t found a way in gnome to search for files based on tags in any of the gui search tools.

  7. Peter

    It would be useful if the base tracker (0.9.30+ AFAICT) didn’t depend on both GTK and QT. Possibly have dual UIs that can be subpackaged or something. Its not great on space restricted devices.

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