12 responses to “GTK+ website redesign finally finished!”

  1. Robin

    Nice work!

    In the Accommodating section under features, there’s “Object orientated approach”. This should probably be “Object oriented approach”.

  2. sebn


    Titles are a bit small compared to normal text.

    On the language bindings page, there is a typo on Javascript.

    And you could add a link to ruby-gir-ffi for the ruby language:


  3. fabioamd87

    what about “screenshot/the gnome desktop”? maybe should be gnome 3

  4. Stefan Kost

    Hi martyn, somehow you deleted the latest gtk-doc releases with the html->php conversion. Luckily git has it all. http://www.gtk.org/gtk-doc/news.php only shows 1.15 while this commit 824395869eba82312682132742ab9a81817df052
    has 1.16 and 1.17. Could you please add them back?

  5. Stefan Kost

    Another comment – on the gtk-odc page I have a nice top-bar. On the normal gtk+ pages I have a weired 4-5 pixel high line on the top with some red, green and blue bits on the left. Looks like something went wrong, but I can’t tell what after a short visit in firebug yet. I am on ff-4.0.1

  6. Stefan Kost

    Yes, I meant those. Please take no offense, but it looked like unintended to me :(

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