7 responses to “Improved Tracker Preferences for Indexed Locations”

  1. Søren Hauberg

    The text “You can decide if you want to index the content recursively or not using the checkbuttons in the list next to each entry” gives you nothing but completely obvious information; you might as well remove it. The information that is missing is what “recursively” means. I’d say remove the explanatory text and change the “Recurse” header to “Index subdirectories” or something like that.

  2. Mike

    I think, the text at the top is a bit long. Other than that this is awesome!

    This would also be great to have in a backup tool like Deja-Dup! Could it even be worthy of a reusable widget? :-)

    BTW: Your blog comment form doesn’t indicate mandatory fields. Also, why are they mandatory? I could fill in crap anyway, so nagging the user to fill them out is just … annoying. ;-)

  3. Henrique

    I think special locations shouldn’t appear in the list view. It duplicates functionality (add and remove) and they should just be recursively indexed. If they are used for what they are meant, it doesn’t make any sense not to set them “recurse”.

  4. Tomasz

    Bottom half of dialog looks fine. But upper part? Overhelming text disaster :( Looks very similar to first example on http://www.joelonsoftware.com/uibook/chapters/fog0000000062.html

  5. name

    I wonder how many normal computer people know what “recursively” means.

  6. John Stowers

    How many people know what “Recurse” means. Is there precident for calling this something else?

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