Updated Photo Gallery

Gallery Update – I updated my gallery to include images from recent trips to Bressingham Steam & Gardens and todays trip to Framlingham Castle. Considering the weather on the trip to Bressingham was a little dull, I am surprised the photos came out so well. Google Maps API – I saw some of the potential […]

Servelocity & Cambridge

Signed up with Servelocity and now have a new domain ( They provide a really good service compared to the last hosted solution used. Took the opportunity to look into original which has been used in many places already for some of the 450 odd images I took in New Zealand. They will be there […]

Bryan Adams & 80’s Party!

Bryan Adams Still Rocking! While I was in Turkey my better half suggested we go to see Bryan Adams while he is on tour in the UK this year. We decided to do it and went to see him Tuesday this week. He was much better than I thought he would be and my expectations […]