Accidentally marking blog comments as spam

Anyone know how to revert this? Thomas Thurman sent me a comment and I accidentally pressed the “mark-as-spam” link in the email I received and I can not find a way to revert that. It also seems he can’t post his entry again The comment was about my image and how it would be a […]


Recently I tried Initng on my Ubuntu distribution using some handy pages from the Ubuntu forums. To say the least, I was amazed. My boot time on Ubuntu Breezy was 58 seconds and now it is 29 seconds (that is from Grub to GDM). Give it a try, there are only a few steps to […]

Servelocity & Cambridge

Signed up with Servelocity and now have a new domain ( They provide a really good service compared to the last hosted solution used. Took the opportunity to look into original which has been used in many places already for some of the 450 odd images I took in New Zealand. They will be there […]

Half Life 2 with Cedega

Another Birthday 25 years old! I think it will be a nice night in with the family and and some good food. My brothers asked what I wanted, and I couldn’t resist Gnome Blog 0.8 Saw Seth’s announcement for gnome-blog 0.8 and thought I would try it, so this post is my first post with […]

Ubuntu, Streamtuner and VMWare

New Stuff Recently looked into Stream Tunner which I have to say is superb! Look into it if you get the chance. Also, I thought I would try to get Windows XP going with Vmware for Linux. Again, worked flawlessly, and am quite impressed with it. Gossip Transports Still plodding along with this. Things are […]