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tracker-search gets colour & snippets!

Recently Carlos added FTS4 and snippet support to Tracker. We merged that to master after doing some tests and have reduced the database size on disk by doing this. I released 0.15.2 yesterday with the FTS4 work, and today I decided to add a richer experience to tracker-search.

Below you can see me searching for passport and sue found in some of the documents indexed on my machine. The colour there is quite nice to separate hits and snippets/contexts where the terms were found. This search without any arguments really will search ALL resources in the database:


This second screenshot shows searching for love with all music in particular. So you can use this for all areas of tracker-search:


With any luck, we will be releasing a 0.16.0 in time for the next GNOME release with this all available in!

Lanedo is hiring

We’re currently looking for anyone who has LibreOffice experience and is interested in working on the project. If that sounds like something you would like to do, get in touch with us.

Additionally, if you or anyone you know has experience running an open source business, please get in touch. We’re looking for someone that could facilitate a CEO type position.

Tracker Needle with improved tagging

Given there have been a number of improvements to tracker-needle recently, I thought I would make a video to highlight some of them. A quick summary:

  • Searching for “foo” now finds files tagged with “foo”
  • Searches are limited to 500 items per category/query (to avoid abusing the GtkTreeView mainly)
  • A tag list is now available to show all hits by tags
  • Tags can be edited by the context menu per item (planned to be improved later)

Really nice to have tagging supported properly in tracker-needle now.

Improved Tracker Preferences for Indexed Locations

Something I have been meaning to do for a long time, is to update the preferences dialog for Tracker to easily add locations which are special user directories (as per the GUserDirectory locations).

I wanted to do this in such a way that:

  • It was really easy to toggle locations as recursive or not
  • The file chooser was only necessary for non-standard locations
  • Better use of the space was made by integrating the two lists (previously) for single directory and recursive directory indexing
  • I could fix a few issues which had been reported when it came to saving using the special symbols (e.g. &DESKTOP for G_USER_DIRECTORY_DESKTOP, etc.) when one or more user directories evaluated to the same location

The result is this (now in master and 0.12.2 when it is released):

Tracker extensions for Firefox & Thunderbird

Recently Adrien Bustany blogged about the Firefox extension for Tracker and has yet to blog about his Thunderbird extension work.

As you would expect, the Firefox extension syncs bookmarks to Tracker (in that direction only for now) and the Thunderbird extension sends email to Tracker to be indexed (even full text content of emails which our Evolution miner doesn’t do because of the system stress it causes). This is really quite superb work from Adrien and tracker-needle already supports bookmarks and emails so it all just works after a make install (into the $prefix where Firefox/Thunderbird are installed). Currently the Thunderbird extension requires version >= 5.0 (works with betas too), and the Firefox extension requires version >= 4.0 (and supports 5.0).

These works have been imported using a pretty cool tool after I felt more comfortable using that to import Adrien’s subtrees into Tracker’s git repository. I did read up on the coolest merge ever from Linus but it felt more like a hack to me to do it that way. Still, I guess Linus knows what he is doing :)

So now we have both plugins imported with full history into git. The thunderbird branch was merged to master today and the firefox branch will be merged this week hopefully pending Adrien’s review. Great stuff!

GTK+ website redesign finally finished!

I have blogged about this from the official GTK+ blog too, but I wanted to really say personally how happy I am that this is done now. Really great work from Devin Samarin especially with the gtk-doc integration which looks like an extension of the main website instead of a separately maintained project.

If anyone has any comments on how to improve the content, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me, Devin Samarin or Javier Jardón (who also has been helping out on the website side more recently).

Continuing to support LibreOffice

Oracle donating OpenOffice.org to Apache Software Foundation?

I was quite surprised to hear about this move from Oracle. My impression is that this is a last attempt to keep OpenOffice.org alive. It’s too little too late in my opinion. Factoring in that the community chose to fork and that several major distros (if not most) have already switched to LibreOffice, I don’t see OpenOffice.org making any kind of come back. The licensing situation is also going to make it harder to migrate patches from LibreOffice to OpenOffice.org as I understand it and Michael Meeks makes some great points on that.

Some of the comments I read about the proposal (#1, #2) really re-iterate what I was thinking already. I hasten to add, I think for people/projects still using OpenOffice.org it’s a good thing.

Great responses too from Michael (#1, #2) and Norbert Thiebaud.

In light of everything, Lanedo fully backs the Document Foundation and will continue to support LibreOffice. We prefer the community driven efforts and model behind LibreOffice and there is great enthusiasm from the people involved in the project!

Lanedo’s Charity Donations

We wanted to thank our customers and to give something back for all the work we had during 2010. So Lanedo decided to give to a chunk of its revenue to charity.

There were 6 charities chosen:

There were a number of reasons to choose these charities. For the King’s College Hopital, Ipswich Hopital and St. Elizabeth’s Hospice, the reasons were very close to my heart. During 2010, my father (Brian Russell) was diagnosed with prostate cancer. This is something his father also suffers from (as do millions of men towards old age). Each of these hospitals have been instrumental in helping my dad beat the cancer and helping both family members with treatments. Additionally, St. Elizabeth’s Hospice has aided the late Alison Clarke who was my piano teacher until she too died of cancer not long ago.

Our world has seen much grief and disasters last year that caught our attention. To help mitigating and future development, half of our donations went to the wider public through Unicef, SOS Children’s Villages and the Red Cross.

We hadn’t announced this until now for a few reasons. One of which was that the new website was not finished and we didn’t have a NEWS page to announce it on either.

So again, thank you to everyone we worked with last year!

Lanedo Website Revamped!

After having the old design (which I knocked up quickly when we founded Lanedo) for quite some time, we finally replaced it with something designed and with more useful content!



Tracker 0.10.0 Released!

So, 2823 commits from over 68 authors, 102 GNOME bugs and 154 Nokia bugs since 0.8.0 was released (in April 2010) and we have our first stable version of the 0.9 branch out.

With the 39 releases of 0.9.x made this last 10.5 months, we’ve been quite regular at pushing tags and I would like to thank everyone involved in making that happen.

Any fixes for 0.10 will be applied to the tracker-0.10 branch and master will start adding new features covered on the roadmap.

The official announcement can be seen here.