Tracker 0.8.0 Finally Released!

So we now have our first stable release of Tracker for a long time! Here is the announcement.

Thanks to everyone that has contributed, tested and been part of making this happen, especially the core team Jürg, Philip, Ivan, Mikael and Carlos.

Tracker Release Candidate 1

Today we released 0.7.28. We are considering this our last unstable release for 0.7 before we do 0.8. So long as there are no major regressions, this time next week, we hope to have our first stable release with the super shiny stuff we have been working on for over 6 months.

Using tracker-sparql
Recently I added support to list classes which we notify of changes in the database. This is generally quite useful and a common question on IRC:

$ tracker-sparql --list-notifies
Notifies: 23
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Lanedo is hiring!

We at Lanedo are currently looking at hiring people with development experience around GNOME and GTK+ related technologies again.

If you have this and are interested in working for us, please send your CV to jobs at

Tracker 0.7.20 Released

Managed to get 0.7.20 out of the door. Not long now before we start 0.8 releases. I want to start doing this within the next few weeks if possible.

Tracker is looking great right now though. The core team has been exemplary in recent weeks.

Roll on 0.8 :)

Lanedo going to FOSDEM

This year we are sending everyone in Lanedo over to Brussels for FOSDEM. Looking forward to meeting up with old friends. It has been a few years since I last made the trip.

Most of us will be there by Friday evening in time to attend the beer event. We hope to see you there, should be good fun!

Hiring Christian Kellner

More recently we have been looking into hiring more developers/managers and we managed to entice Christian Kellner into the company. We are thrilled to have him work for us. Welcome Christian!

We have received many requests for work and we are still processing those. If we haven’t got back to you yet, we will. Thank you everyone who applied! :)

Tracker + Totem

Bastien has been complaining that the Tracker plugin for Totem doesn’t work any more since 0.6. So I decided to see how quickly I could update it today. All in all, it only took me a few hours and here it is. You will have to excuse the crappy file naming and video tests I have to play with – normal users probably title these a bit better I think :)

On another note, we released 0.7.1 on Friday gone with some really nice fixes since the first release. We plan on doing another release this Friday too.

Tracker 0.7 Released!

Finally it was released and announced last Friday.

As part of this work we added an applet called tracker-search-bar which is just a quick way to access your content.

Here is a video of Tracker search bar in action

So now developers can start getting stuck in!

Lanedo is hiring!

We at Lanedo are currently looking at hiring people with development experience around GNOME, GTK+, X11 and related technologies. We are also looking for people with project management experience in this area.

If you have this and are interested in working for us, please send your CV to info at

Tracker Update


So Carlos and I have been working on libtracker-miner for the last few months. Since tracker-store (formerly known as trackerd) is now handling all reads/writes from/to database and doing it much faster than ever before with a much more expressive language to query with (SPARQL), we had to merge the old tracker-indexer and parts of trackerd from the 0.6 branch into one binary that could crawl the file system, insert file specific metadata and call tracker-extract for file type metadata (for example: none “file” data, but actually data like image height, width, etc.).

As we had to do this anyway, we took the opportunity to refactor the parts we were unhappy with and to make libtracker-miner a library which other “data miners” could use. This gives the following things:

  • DBus integration for free
  • An API to find other miners both available and running
  • An API to get/set status, progress, name and description for each miner
  • An API to pause/resume each miner
  • Signals to know when all miners or specific miners start/stop/pause/resume/error/progress.

More recently, Adrien Bustany has been working on “bridges”, which in fact are the same principle, they are miners of data but for web applications like:

  • Facebook
  • Flickr
  • Twitter
  • etc.

We are working together to integrate this into the “miner” framework we already have set up in master right now and it is quite exciting to see integration in other areas than just desktop applications.

Additionally, Philip is making Evolution use the same miner API so we will have support for 3 miners as standard out of the box for:

  • Email data
  • File data
  • Application data


Formerly known as tracker-applet, this has been refactored by Carlos recently to work with the new miner API too, so now you can see (much like the network manager) a list of miners and their state/progress. It also allows pausing/resuming of ALL or single miners at a time which is very useful.


The tracker-preferences application was also really out of date. The whole configuration system has changed since 0.6 so we decided to use Vala and GtkBuilder to build the new dialog. This dialog only services tracker-miner-fs preferences right now because they are really the only settings that make any difference to the user at this point. There is some polish that is needed here, but it looks good so far:


0.7 Development Release

The current roadmap is mostly done now with a few exceptions which we have decided to not worry about for the 0.7 release. Next Friday we plan on doing this release now that most of the UIs are in reasonable states and people should be able to start using it normally now all the big features have been integrated. This has been put off by 2 weeks already but we don’t want to delay any further. So look out for a new version of Tracker next week!