Google Summer of Code

Got a cool comment from “John” in one of my previous entries asking if I could get Gnome signed up as a 2006 Google summer of code organization. That’s probably work better done (or delegated by) the foundation board of directors (and I’ll note that Vincent already verified that Gnome will be one of the organizations), but I’d like to draw your attention to the Ideas for projects that are going up on the wiki. So, maintainers, hurry on over there and add your input. :-) Yeah, I know, I need to get my own act together and come up with ideas for some of the projects I’m involved in too. I’ll do that…

Now, unlike last year, I might actually be eligible to participate as a student. If so, I might as well as I’ll already obviously be spending time on my addiction, er, I mean hobby. ;-) Makes me wonder though…I didn’t see anything in their student FAQ or mentor FAQ about participating as both a student on a project and as a mentor to others on other project(s). Would that be disallowed? Hmmm….

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