Time for something new

In the beginning of December, Frederik was born. He’s growing up nicely.

At the end of December, I succesfully defended my PhD thesis (see earlier post) and was awarded a PhD for my research titled “Notch signaling in forebrain neurogenesis”. In January, the PhD was officially awarded.

So as my family expands and needs a bigger house, and my old way-to-spend-the-day came to an end, it was time for something new. Earlier this week, I started a new job as engineer at the big G. Rumor has it that I’ll be working on something related to video.

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2 Responses to Time for something new

  1. Alex Converse says:

    Congrats! It’s awesome having you around the office.

  2. rbultje says:

    /me <3 Google (test for bug 578784)

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