Easy fixes in bugzilla

As part of the III GNOME Hackers meeting next weekend in Zaragoza, we are going to introduce new people to the misteries of bug fixing in GNOME. For that, we have decided to try to fix GNOME 2.12 bugs. Unfortunately, it seems people don’t mark anymore their bugs as easy-fix when they’re easy to fix. This makes it hard for us to find easy bugs to work on at the beginning, so that new people can start fixing bugs immediately while we show the basic process.

So, could maintainers please mark easy fixes with the apropriate bugzilla keyword? Thus, hopefully, those bugs will be fixed by Sunday.

One Response to “Easy fixes in bugzilla”

  1. Paolo Borelli says:

    AFAIK the easy-fix keyword has been replaced by the the gnome-love keyword.

    A bugzilla report listing the bugs marked with the keyword can be found at: http://bugzilla.gnome.org/reports/keyword-search.cgi?keyword=gnome-love