Boycott to Catalunya from Peralta!

The political climate in Spain is a bit disturbing in the last few weeks, with Spanish nationalists acusing Catalans of being anti-Spanish, and Catalan nationalists accusing Spaniards of being anti-Catalan. There is even a plan, from the Spanish nationalist camp, about boycotting Catalan products during the Christmas, as there were some calls from the Catalan nationalist camp about boycotting Madrid’s candidacy for the 2012 Olympic Games. Normal crazy nationalist craps, yeah, but today I learnt a bit more about how crappy these polititians can be: the Major of the place where I live, Sagrario Guinduláin, is an active participant of the boycott. I guess she’ll deserve, once again, the crowd booing at her when she talks in next year’s festival (as it happened the last two years).

As for me, I’ll continue eating “fuet”, “pan tumaca” and other Catalan products for the rest of my life. As for nationalisms, there was someone who said “nationalism is a disease that only gets cured by travelling” (or something similar, sorry for the bad translation).

3 Responses to “Boycott to Catalunya from Peralta!”

  1. Ken says:

    I find the following to be an excellent discussion of all the ills of Nationalism, in all its forms:

    It was written by George Orwell, a great friend of Spanish progress, and in particular of Catalonia.

  2. mick says:

    Yeah, all these fecking nationlists are just plain bad with their hate mongering.

    By the way it’s boycott, so called after Captain Boycott in Ireland in the 19th century:

  3. Alberto says:

    Estamos como cabras por estos parajes ibéricos.