Yeah, I know, I don’t blog for weeks, and now, suddenly, 3 posts in a row, but this is important, really :)

Our friends from the Universidad de Manizales, in Colombia, have just announced their GERvoice project, a voice recognition software used to give orders to the desktop through voice commands.

2 Responses to “GERvoice”

  1. Tom says:

    Voice control is something i have always been interested in, im afraid howeer i cant understand any of the documents from the link (my linguistic skills are quite frankly a joke). Do you know if there is an english translation, prefereably of ArticuloGERVoice.pdf available?

  2. Rodrigo Moya says:

    Yes, all is in Spanish :( I’ve asked them to provide some information in English, and to try to move all their development and documentation to be in English.