Hack Week starting

As most people might already know, this week is Hack Week here at Novell. So, as we were told to take photos/videos of the activity during this week at our work center, and since my work center is my house, I had to call some friends to come up and help me the whole week. Said and done, they were here this morning very early, and the boys started planning what they were going to work on:

The boys planning the hack week

And right after the planning meeting, full of energy, they started hacking

The boys hacking

More details on what we are working on and more photos later.

3 Responses to “Hack Week starting”

  1. lucasr says:

    Dude, can you get a Rupert for me? You could give it to me at GUADEC. :-)

  2. reinouts says:

    But what was Rupert doing here?

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