New beginning

I guess it is time to announce that since yesterday I am working at Collabora, a UK-based company very well known for its work in several free software projects, like Telepathy, Farstream, GStreamer and others.

Haven’t had much time really to transition (and relax) from Canonical to Collabora, apart from last week, which I spent skiing, but hey, new year, new life, as we say in Spain, so the sooner you start with your new life, the better.

7 Responses to “New beginning”

  1. Tomeu Vizoso says:


  2. Congratulations! I hope the new job fulfills your expectations.

  3. Srini says:


  4. aklapper says:

    Oh great. Congrats & have a good time!

  5. reynaldo says:

    Congrats / Welcome
    & Best of luck