Monthly Archives: May 2006

Evolution & GnomeKeyring

Btw, Evolution integrates with GNOME Keyring from 2.7.x onwards. While doing the build, –enable-keyring=yes (Default in the tarball) should be just sufficient to enable it by default. Then It stores/retrieves passwords only from the key store and not any other stores like .gnome_private. Evolution, EDS, Alarm Daemon, everything picks up the passwords from the keyring […]

Evolution Remote Shares

I added some code across evolution to enable, save attachments/mails/calendar/events/addressbooks/vcards to remote shares. Also I enabled the file chooser to attach files from remote shares. I have attached a screenshot of the file chooser, showing remote shares. I have added a new camel backend class called CamelStreamVFS which can save files from any gnome-vfs backend. […]

Expandable Headers

I remember seeing too many requests to make the headers collapsible, if the to/cc/bcc are too many. It really takes up a lot of space in the preview pane and makes the mail invisible in the pane. I have added a ‘+’ ‘-‘ button before the header to Expand/Collapse. Also a link ‘…’ at the […]